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ORTHDX Natural Fitness

ORTHDX Flight Mace

ORTHDX Flight Mace

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ORTHDX Flight Mace | Macebell | Steel Mace | Unconventional Fitness  

Available in 8 weights from 7 pounds to 40 pounds.

The steel mace is a strength training tool utilized by proponents of physical culture for centuries. The rotational and anti-rotational character of steel mace training increases strength of the connective tissue around the joints that translates to tighter more explosive muscles. There are a number of different styles of training you can learn to grow your solo practice. Mace Flow uses lighter weights and chains skills together for low impact workouts that build coordination and mobility. Hard Style uses heavier weights and dives deep into the resistance of heavy momentum to build strength throughout the body's kinetic spiral chain. Regardless of how you start your mace training you will find a wide variety of challenges and benefits to keep you on the path of strength and growth.

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