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Rattan Rings

Rattan Rings

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Rattan Ring

Prized by close combat arts for building power, tighter angles, and strong forearms the rattan ring is classic striking tool. Similar to shadow boxing, the ring allows you to chain techniques together allowing the practitioner to become stronger and more adept to creating power in small spaces.

The 8" & 10" diameter is great for those that want to chain techniques together and build strength in small spaces. The 12" diameter also allows for technique flow but also gives room for striking the inside of the ring for impact conditioning. The 14" diameter allows for more intense impact conditioning and strength drills. Traditional martial artists will appreciate the larger diameter of the ring because both hands can cover different gates at the same time with more room for heavier strikes on the inside of the ring.

Each ring is branded with customs markings including the classic Chinese knot chop and is smooth with no exposed joint.


  • Material (Rattan)

  • Thickness ≈1"

  • No Exposed Joint

  • Smooth Finish

*Rattan is an organic material. Allow for size variation due to the nature of the product.

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